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For women

My beloved sisters you should not try to find someone only for sexual intercourse, especially if you are young. It is a trap which can lead you to losing your soul. Demons broadcast via tv, cinema and internet twisted scenes in order to humiliate female sex and love by making it look like it is something normal. It should not be normal for you to be treated violently during sex. Your mouth should only meet that of the man who loves you and nothing else. Do not accept this behavior. If someone suggests you to do something like that, hit him with something heavy on his head and leave. He certainly does not love you. Do not take lovemaking as something that does not have much value or importance, but as something sacred. It can transform your body and spirit if it is done with love and in a certain way. Otherwise, you will be filled with dirty energy of every man who seeks to satisfy his ego, since energy is not lost but transformed and transferred. You will not gather experience by having sex with many men, but pride. This is not a game, but something that hurts your body and soul, if it done without love. Dirty energies from other people are also transferred onto you when you dress and make-up with abandon. All that is stored at your aura. Which subconsciously is read by lustful men who translate it dirty in their minds, treat you badly and then you feel bad with yourself. Is this what you have dreamt about you? Do not give so easily your temple to anyone so he can mess with it. God has placed a door at you for some reason, not for decoration. At third dimension a delicate membrane exists in women. If we look there at fourth dimension we will see an energy shield that reflects lustful thoughts, which are sharp-shaped. It is wise that this door remains there until you find the man that you will be together in life. If not you will be vulnerable to lustful energies that will get to you easier. It will take a lot of spiritual work and time in order to clean from these energies and karma and feel nice again. By the way there is a way for a woman to maintain her membrane and make normal love with her man, but he should take extra care in order not to break it and extend its elasticity. Bad acts that derive from lust (adultery, violence, pervasions, ejaculation with pleasure) bring serious punishment from Divine Justice. This is the main reason that exists so much misery and diseases on this planet. A little secret: lust ages us all, especially you as women are the container that gathers energies during lovemaking. Having in mind all these, you can ask God to bring in your life someone suitable for you. You may have to wait a little bit but it will worth it. If you trust Him, He knows who is suitable for you. Furthermore, if you have met someone and you are unsure of him, simply tell to Divine mother, Holy Mary or your Higher self: If he is not suitable for me, send him away. Ask for it a few times and he will disappear from you life if he is not good for you. Women have love by their nature. If they are have relationship with inappropriate men will eventually lose it, as ego (black energy) extinguishes love (light energy). I've seen it happen many times especially to young girls. If all these sound a bit old fashioned to you, have in mind that ego and especially lust make your frequencies lower. It is sad that most women have never trully made love, or been in love. Anyone who loves a woman wants to make her feel nice. There is no better feeling for a woman than making love with someone who loves her and she loves him as well.