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How to make astral plane travels

We all know that soul lives in our body. What most people don`t know is that soul has it`s own body, which is made of energy. During sleep soul with that body, leaves physical body and travels at 5th dimension. Since our consciousness is not awake, we recall only a few memories of that we live there which are what we call dreams. It would be better if we did that consciously and choose what we want to see there, and not let ego do its nasty deeds there as well. For these deeds we are punished very little, since we are practically sleeping. In that dimension which is identical with the one that we live, we all have the right to visit and see very interesting things that don`t exist here. For this to happen we should avoid tv, and video games, since these make our consciousness sleep. We also should avoid alcohol and unhealthy food. The only thing that we should do is lie down to a bed, relax and ask repeatedly:

Jesus take me to that dimension or Holy Mary take me to that dimension or higher-self take me to that dimension

Some of you will achieve this by the very first try. For others will take many days or even months. It depends of what we have done in this life. In order to avoid unpleasant experiences, when you are out of your physical body, ask from Jesus, Holy Mary or higher-self to take where they judge to be right.