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Divine Judgment and punishment

When someone clears up his mind by dissolving his egos or passions, will be able to get familiar with other and specially upper dimensions. At fifth dimension one will meet courtrooms of Hierarchies (Thrones, Angels, Archangels etc.) In there when we are presented into a trial they examine our personal book which contains every deed or thought we have made. Depending on what they will see there, we are punished or everything goes well in life for us. We get punished for things we do here on Earth such as theft or murder etc. even if human justice fails to convict us. There is a chance for us to be pardoned by Divine Justice, if we make good deeds in our life. Most people do not know that Divine Justice punishes more severely without the ability to be pardoned deeds which are associated with lust. The reason for that is that lustful deeds or even thoughts can kill our soul and lead it to the abyss. Although on this planet it is normal for us to commit adultery, prostitution or to behave very badly (especially to our sexual partner), to have perversions of any kind, it IS NOT. The thing that everyone here on Earth considers as normal, i.e. to let go of our miraculous aloe during lovemaking or masturbation is not as well. For someone that does spiritual work hierarchies of light resemble this action with a black magic contract, which break after much effort and pain. For everybody else this action brings premature wearing of physical body. In fifth dimension, there are long queues of people and demons waiting for the verdict of Divine righteousness. If you want to see this for yourselves, follow this exercise and ask to be brought there. That explains why there are so many diseases on Earth nowadays, even at children who have not committed anything bad in this life but to previous ones. This happens in order for an individual to balance his or hers debt to Divine-Cosmic Laws in order not to go to the underworld, where only whipping and cries exist. If something like that is happening to you ask to be forgiven and devote yourself to God. Perhaps you will be given a second chance in life.

Besides everyone's personal book, there is a book for every country of this planet. If a country laws comply to Divine Ones, it`s inhabitants live in happiness and prosperity. In Greece as the late government's cancel laws that were in compliance with God`s law, instead making more of them, our unhappiness and misery is and will be increasing. For example: Greek law permits 300.000 unborn children to be killed every year and children at school to have sexual relationships. Rest assured that stability and protection from evil at this country comes from God`s leniency, who despite our degeneration protects us. This happens because a few people here in Greece are really devoted to Him and truly love Him. There are limits though, and beyond those punishment.