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Orgonegreece - a voice crying out in the desert

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Orgone energy is cosmic life energy, the fundamental creative force long known to people in touch with nature, and speculated about by natural scientists, but now physically objectified and demonstrated. Orgone energy was discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, who identified many of its basic properties. For instance, orgone energy charges and radiates all living and not living matter. It also can readily penetrate all forms of matter, though with varying rates of speed. All materials affect orgone energy, by attracting and absorbing it, or by repelling or reflecting it. Orgone can be seen, felt, measured and photographed. It is a real, physical energy, and not just some metaphorical, hypothetical force.

Basically Dr. W. Reich has dicovered or better rediscovered at Earth the energy of love. It`s color is vivid blue.

Orgonites can absorb this energy, clean and amplify it. An orgonite pendant can clean our aura from negative energy, thus improving our mood and protect us from harmful electromagnetic energy. As a TB it can clean our home from dark energies and also can neutralize harmful electromagnetic energy that is emitted from cell towers or power cables. They work even if someone does not believe that they should. You should try to put a jar of water onto an orgonite. After some time drink the water and see the difference for yourself. At high volumes they can clean a lake or a river. Chembusters can clean up the sky from chemtrails. In order to work even better they should be cleaned about every month by placing them under running water. If they are buried underground or put in a river or a lake, it is not necessary. We should be careful with these, because dark side will attack us, because by doing this, we are interfering with their plans. On this planet they have many people working for them consciously or unconsciously, and dark entities from other dimensions such as demons and fallen angels. They can control us very easily by our ego, that consists of many small or big passions. Our inner world is literally a zoo. If you add up all egos of each person that lives on Earth plus negative entities, you will come up with the thing that we call system, but most of us don`t know what they are talking about. In Greece unfortunately we have ego overdeveloped. Thus we don`t have much love as ego and love are opposite to each other. If you are interested in these, you could read here an easy guide which will help you to dissolve your ego and fill yourselves with love, happiness and spirituality. …f someone is subject to Divine Law, in order to see all these in his life, he should wait and do good deeds while he is dissolving his ego.


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