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Mind Control, antennas of death and how to deal with them

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Planet that we live in is in a bad state due to evil that has dominated. At big cities, and certain places, negativity that has been accumulated is so great that makes life unbearable to people that can realize it. Violence, anger, lust. We have driven away love from us. Is this the best way to live? By living like this we summon more and more dark entities near us. Divine Law permits dark entities to do as they please, since we break it with our way of living.

For example let's take a look at what Dr. Rauni Leena Kilde, MD, chief medical officer of northern Finland on 25th September 1999 had said. It is nice to hear scientists talking about these matters. She claims that microchip implantation into a human being would lead to total loss of his personal life, as well as absolute control of all of his body`s, mental and psychological functions. Even of his subconscious and dreams, until the end of his life!!! To some this may sound like science fiction, but army and secret services have been dealing with these for at least fifty years. Supercomputers that exist in Maryland, Israel and elsewhere can track millions of people at once. In fact, the entire population of the world can be fully controlled by this brain-computer interaction, even if it seems unbelievable for someone. Human thinking has a speed of 5000 bits/sec and can not compete with supercomputers that work in conjunction with satellites, implants, and facilities of this kind.

Each brain has its own bioelectric values ​​and features. It is possible for someone to send computer signals to the nervous system of a person who has been implanted with a chip and control his behavior as he wishes, or track him at any time. For some sixty years, neuro-electromagnetic experiments have been made on the so-called vulnerable population in the name of science and national security, violating all human rights. Apart from a few exceptions, news channels etc. conceal the truth.

Mind control technology in the USA has been named non-lethal weapons. Which is not true, of course, because these weapons kill but in a slower and 'natural' way, causing cancer, leukemia, heart attacks, Alzheimer's disease. It is not by chance that these illnesses have so greatly increased in numbers all over the world. When electromagnetic fields (ELF) and ultra-low frequency (ULF) and microwave electromagnetic fields are deliberately targeted against specific people, groups, or even an entire population, they cause illness, disorientation, physical and mental pain.

The use of mobile phones as an instrument for mind control was a brilliant idea. Military and police services can watch every user, influence his thinking with microwave, cause healthy people to hear voices inside their heads and even if they wanted to burn their brain instantly they could do so by increasing the current's intensity by 20,000 times. Heating tissues at the speed of light is a known result of these weapons.

According to studies made by Navy these weapons could also cause fatigue, insomnia, depression, aggression, memory loss, catatonic symptoms, cataracts, leukemia, cancer, tumors, heart attacks, and so on.

These people should not forget that there is God and His hierarchies and they protect us as long as we do not violate Divine Law. All implants are deactivated if a neodymium magnet is placed for some time facing with i`ts north side on skin where a implant lies under it.

Best thing that we can do is to live our life by God`s Law, so that Divine Law will have the right to protect us. By praying to God most of these frequencies and fields are deactivated. Second best thing is to place orgonites named towerbuster (TB) that disable negative frequencies from death towers, clean our neighborhoods from low-level entities and negative energies, because they clean and amplify orgone energy. They are made at the same way all orgonites are made: We use muffins cake molds. First we put a small layer of aluminum-polyester into the mold, then a quartz crystal (even a small broken piece is enough) and fill it up with the aluminum-polyester blend. Optionally, we can add other crystals or metals. If the person that makes them has love in him, it helps to work better because orgone energy is love. This is factor Y that Wilhelm Reich was talking about. Those who make orgonite will experience some of the symptoms of the psycho-frequency war described above. You should ask from God and his hierarchies to protect you. An orgone pendant helps a lot. We must not violate free will of others. If we are going to place orgonite in a place like a cafeteria, we should ask owners first if they want something like that.

Most important places that orgonites should be placed are: as close as possible to cellphone antennas as electromagnetic radiation that is emitted by them is very harmful for human health, in our house and especially at it`s four corners, near it`s power lines, water pipes and devices that create electromagnetic fields, in our car or motorcycle so we are protected from dark energies, in polluted lakes and rivers, at very dark places such as factories, esoteric and masonic temples, hospitals, prisons, haunted houses and places that car accidents frequently occur.

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