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Covid-19 virus, NWO plans and how to overcome them

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This page is written mostly for the few people who still believe in God. Truth about this virus is far from what is shown in media. The number of people who have been infected with the covid virus, and those who have died from it, is much lower than those reported at the media. This occurs because:

Some TV channels have been funded with millions of euros to brainwash about this issue and cause mass hysteria at the TV-watching population. In case you are wondering how this increases the number of the sick and dead, consider the role of psychology in a person's health. It is well known that doctors and relatives avoid announcing to cancer patients that they have cancer in order to prolong their life... It is also possible for a healthy person to get sick when his subconscious is full of phobias and all these images he sees every day, as the immune system is deactivated at a percentage. This consists a crime against humans.

Without God's help, we would have had many more real deaths from psychological causes alone. During a visit i made to a provincial hospital for examinations, I found it almost empty, which shows the effect of fear on the population, the opposite of what is happening in Athens. The majority of you have lost the ability to think and react if needed. In addition, they have made people to beg for the vaccine, which contains mRNA, possibly microchips, causes allergies, damage to the male reproductive system, and who knows what else.

In mRNA molecules, are stored genetic instructions for the synthesis of proteins that act as antigens. Vaccination essentially forces human cells to produce SARSCoV-2 coronavirus proteins, which are then recognized by the immune system to produce antibodies. What is RNA?

In short, intervention in structure of human body by people who do not believe in God.

If they succeed and persuade you for it what follows next? The mark of Revelation? China from where this fabricated virus emerged (something that is known at hospitals) already suggests what St. John describes in Revelation, that it is good to have a system with barcodes and DNA for traders to cross borders. To understand what freedom is for China watch this video.

In short, with an event designed and exploited by evil, they have achieved in a few months:

It is curious that while public markets are full of people, churches until today 27-5-20, are forbidden to perform any rituals. Nearly all of the priests have not reacted.

An unprecedented dictatorship rules Greece. They have passed a law that punishes anyone who does not get the vaccine with two years in prison, even though they do not speak about it.

Excerpt 2. These measures consist of: (a) compulsory clinical and laboratory medical examination, health monitoring, vaccination, medication and hospitalization of persons for whom there is a reasonable suspicion that they may transmit the disease directly or indirectly.

6. Whoever does not comply with the measures of this article is punished with imprisonment of up to two (2) years, unless act is punished more severely by another provision.

This law in greek:

Greeks are forced to wear masks even at the streets, something that offers absolutely nothing, unlike other countries where few citizens wear masks, some shops are open. See below very recent videos from different cities. Why we are treated like this, and most importantly why did they close the Church of our Lord and why did we not react at all? Why do we follow devil who entered every house as Saint Cosmas of Aetolia used to say? Some priests are persecuted because they confess Christ by giving Holy Communion at quarantine. Why do we live in a new era of persecution of Christians? Because if Orthodox Greece falls into the hands of the Antichrist, it will be very easy for other countries that have very little faith in God to fall as well.

The latter will happen if the majority of Greek inhabitants accept in their hearts the plan of evil which is carried out gradually and is described in Revelation and briefly above. The final stage of Revelation and total destruction will take place after people are divided into those who believe in Him and those who do not.





The best way in order to get over of this virus as well is to make our immune system strong by taking 5-10 grams of vitamin C daily, plus one teaspoon per dose of edible clay dissolved in water. Vitamin C should be consumed 2-3 minutes after clay. In one to two days all symptoms will be gone in most cases. Maintain the following dosage for 5 days. Body must be kept warm. One should be stupid in order to open wide the windows in the middle of winter!!!

  • If you don`t want to get sick, you should take one gram of vitamin C daily during winter. During summer bodies receives enough energy from sun and do not get sick.

  • If you did just get sick take 1 gram of vitamin C and a teaspoon of clay 5 times a day, starting e.g. from 08:00 after 11:00 and so on.

  • If you are pretty bad take 2 grams of vitamin C and a teaspoon of clay 5 times a day.

  • For very severe cases between above doses take 1 teaspoon of baking soda dissolved in a glass of water. e.g. at 9:30, at 12:30 and so on.

Vitamin C that is not absorbed will be expelled by body. Keep away from poor nutrition, cigarettes, alcohol so that the body can cope. It is possible to go to the toilet sometimes, because of the vitamin, although clay will balance this condition.

For common viruses, soda as described on this page is enough. The worst thing that someone can do is to watch TV and websites on the internet that increase our fears and other negative emotions and alter our immune system, especially if many people are tuned in when these images are displayed.

We should turn our attention to God and pray. Only in Him lies salvation. Only He can heal everything. 

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