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About personal data and how to remain anonymous on internet

Secret service agencies of the United States of America, such as the NSA, have the ability to gather information about the life of each one of us. Edward Snowden, a former NSA employee, has revealed a lot of information about this issue. He exposed 'leaking' mobile applications such as viber and angry birds, which transfer user`s data from mobile phones to secret agencies and companies. There are e-mail applications for Android which the user connects for no reason to some proxy server before sending his email. Why applications that we have on mobile phones require so many permissions on the device during their use since most of them are not needed for the application to work? How companies that provide 'free' applications are economically sustained? From ads or by selling personal data? Unfortunately, vast majority of mobile gaming applications and software collect and sell or distribute users personal data (such as ip,user history and other data). This happens with some applications that we pay for anonymity. !!

Developers create applications for Android mainly with android studio. By reading the terms that appear during its installation, we see that google as well as the developers-companies gather data through the applications they offer in the playstore. Therefore whether our personal data will remain personal is left to good will of developers-companies.

NSA`s PRISM is a data mining program from Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Paltalk, Youtube, Skype, AOL, Apple. By using this program they can view and save information from a user such as: saved conversations, IM (instant messenger), be notified when a user logs in, logs out to one of the above services, when he sends a message, record VOIP conversations (voice over internet - such as those used in Viber), even have access to photos, videos, activities, posts on walls even from companies based on open source software. With muscular program, NSA has access to the Google cloud storage space, where they cound see user files,  e-mail information, places someone has visited in google maps, etc.

Google nowadays has been sold out and has became an excellent partner of NSA and other countries secret services such as greek. It is a complete program for recording people's lives through it`s many applications. For example check Google Dashboard. It is not the only company that does this. Facebook, is characterized by Snowden as a tracking company that maintains itself by selling user`s data. Facebook recently has funded groups to remove posts they do not approve, by calling it fake. From the data that secret services have the ability to collect, they have or can make a complete file for each of us which contains in addition to our personal data, photos, videos, our psychological profile, our habits.

It's particularly helpful for NSA that most data today (telephony and Internet) globally pass through US or it`s ally Great Britain through fiber optics that are easily traceable. They have four programs for this purpose. These are: Blarney, Fairview, Oakstar and Stormbrew.

Cellphone telephone communications can be recorded through equipment that has the ability to connect simultaneously to a number of lines at intervals specified by the service that uses this equipment.

Modern smartphones can be used as surveillance and audio recording devices through their camera and microphone, something that could not happen in the past with older mobile phones models, except some Apple and some other. This can be done if a malware is installed to them. It can also be done through applications that have access to camera and microphone. Companies could activate them remotely so they can hear and see what is happening within a few meters of your mobile phone. This happens when these applications are enabled or open at the background. On Android 6.0 and above, it is possible to disable the use of microphone, camera, etc. for each application. Unfortunately, this does not happen for real and applications have access to everything that is referred to their permission`s list.

To understand how serious and true the issue of personal data surveillance is, let us keep in mind that Mr. Levison of Lavabit, a provider of encrypted email services, was sued when he refused to hand over the keys that were used by his company to encrypt emails.

Unfortunately, there is a foolish general opinion about privacy matters: since you are not doing something illegal, why do you care? Imagine that you are at one of your favorite places and you watch something on your cellphone or you write something down in a book. A stranger comes behind your back and looks at what you are doing. How do you feel? good? you will say to him: keep watching?

Because it is our right to protect our personal data and anonymity on the internet not in fantasy realm but for real, one should avoid these large companies and:

Use software and services that provide anonymity and protect our personal data.

Adjust Windows 10 so they can make as less as possible connections to data mining servers.

Disable personal data collection from Google.

Delete Gmail from Google account if we don`t want other people to see our e-mail as well.

Delete Google account.

Disable Google`s services and applications from Αndroid based smartphones.

Replace Google`s Android from smartphone with another Android-Linux based OS. -under construction-

Delete Facebook account.


Lately, Google constantly suggests that we should be logged in to use youtube in order to collect as much data as possible. While we are watching videos on youtube, data about us is sent to servers belonging to various advertising and non-advertising companies.

Well known antivirus program Avast warns us that a hacker can capture data that is transmitted to and from our computer and that our ip address and location are visible to them, our ISP, advertising companies and government.

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